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Top Travel Co., Ltd. is Korea’s largest travel agency in the eastern US, with four branch offices in Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia, Washington, DC, and Atlanta, Georgia. It sells worldwide airline tickets and local tour products at a wholesale price, and is a total travel service provider including local tours and incentive tours mainly in the eastern part of the US. It also has leading hospitals and health check products in Korea. Local and incentive tours have the latest vehicles, carefully selected guides, and many years of experience and know-how to provide the best service. Company Name: Top Travel Agency Company Name: Shin Seung Chul Date of Establishment: Dec. 1992 Sales: $ 25,000,000 Website: www.toptravelusa.com


Major business contents

1) Ticket sales worldwide, Full service travel agency 

2) Worldwide tourism operation and sales 

3) Local tourism operation, sales (coach tour, incentive) 

4) Medical tour, 


Eillcott City Office 8801 Baltimore National Pike, Ellicott City, MD 21043
Tel: 410-480-0100 Fax: 410-480-0103
Virginia Office 7700 Little River TNPK # 103 Annandale, VA 22003
Tel: 703-890-3100 Fax: 703-890-3105
Annandale Office 7023 Little River TNPK # 100 Annandale, VA 22003
Tel: 703-941-2323 Fax: 703-941-2929
Atlanta Office  3230 Steve Reynolds Blvd., #111, Duluth, GA 30096
 Tel: 678-990-5551,
Fax: 678-990-5554
Seoul office  S&S 3F, 48 Ujeongguk-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea.
 Tel: 82-02-737-8881

Hello? It is Shin Seung-cheol, Washington travel agency representative. Our top travel agency started operations with the Witten Office in Maryland in December 1992. Since then, we have been working in Washington, DC, Maryland, Virginia, Metropolitan Washington, and Atlanta, Georgia. I grew up as a travel agency. Our top travel agency sells worldwide airline ticket and overseas tour products at a wholesale price, and totally specializes in local tours, incentive tours and FIT events mainly in the eastern US, including New York, Chicago, Washington, Atlanta and Orlando It is a travel service provider and specialized in health check products for leading hospitals in Korea. Especially for local tours, incentive tours and FIT events, we believe that the latest vehicles and experienced and carefully selected guides provide the basis for customer satisfaction than any other company in the Americas.


Now Top Travel Agency has established an environment to provide high-quality services to the incentive, package, and FIT specialists who are operating in Korea starting from the establishment of a Korean office. Through the 24-hour service system linking Korea and the United States, we can provide you with competitive prices and conditions within 24 hours upon request. We promise to provide the best service through organic communication even during the event preparation and event process. Thank you. 

– Certified as an official travel agency company by ARC (American Aviation Administration Association) 

– Certified as an official travel agency company by IATA (International Transportation Association) 

Oct. 1993 
– Certified as an official aviation system operation ‘AMADEUS’ 

1999 ~ 2008 – Korean Air Washington Selected as the best sales agent in the branch 

2001 – 2008 – Selected as the best sales agent of Asiana Airlines Washington Branch 

2002 – 2008 – Selected as the best travel agency in the Washington Joongang Daily 

2002 – 2003 – Maryland Korean Women’s Association selected as the best travel agency in Washington area 

2004 July – Best Travel Agency selected by the 

New Jersey Convention Association 

October 2006 – Best Korean Travel Agency selected by the Washington Catholic Church of Korea

September 2007 – Best Travel Agency designated by the Women’s Golf Association of Maryland 

, May 2008 – Best Travel Agency designated by the Korean American Senior Citizens Association in Washington, Virginia

2000 o Catholic Hospital Nursing Unit in New York visiting team 
o Writers Association of the East visiting team 
o minsago team, the East Ivy League tour team 

in 2001 o Lee Hong – koo Prime Minister throne teams UN and Washington to visit the event 
o municipal councilor in Washington visiting team number 
(Jongno-gu Council , Ganghwa-gun congress, Chungbuk Cheongju congress)
ㅇ Visiting team in Korea from the Korea Fashion Association in 2002 
Visiting team in Washington, USA, in commemoration of the establishment of Hyundai Motor Alabama factory 
ㅇ Visiting team in 
Korea from the Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education ㅇ Visiting team in Korea from the Korea Food Association in 

2003 ㅇ Visiting team in Korea from the Korean Christian Federation
ㅇ The National Agricultural Cooperative Federation’s visiting team in Washington 
ㅇ The representative from the local government The number of visiting team in Washington 

2004 ㅇ The excellent government official of the 
Korea Customs Service The American tour team ㅇ The Korean maternity association seminar participant team 
ㅇ The private school under the Catholic school of Gwangju Horesio 

2005 summer camp ㅇ League Tour Team
ㅇ Korean Heart Professionals Association Seminar Attendance Team 
ㅇ Broadcast Review Committee Member Tim Washington Visiting Events

2005 ㅇ Civil Civil Service Foreign and American Ivy League Visiting Team 
ㅇ Korea Cardiac Association Seminar Attending Team 
ㅇ Broadcast Deliberation Committee Member Tim Washington Visiting Event 

2006 ㅇ Busan Lions Club Visiting Team 
ㅇ Kimhae Foreign Affairs East Eastern Ivy League Visiting Team 
ㅇ Naval Officer Team Excellent Officer Team Timetable for US maritime visit 

O yukcham officer military base tour team 
o National Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives employees in Washington visiting team 

2008 o Financial Industry Training Institute of Washington, the visiting team 
o Securities Association presidents the East visiting team 

2009 o Korea Dental Association conducted seminars of their dental 
o national Methodist Council of ministers Team Visit to Washington
ㅇ Visiting team in Korea for Korean fashion in Brazil ㅇ Visiting team in 
Washington for the Grand National Party ㅇ Event in 

2010 ㅇ Exhibition team for Korean Embassy in Korea 
ㅇ Visiting team in Gyeonggi province, Washington 
ㅇ FAA negotiation team 
ㅇ IMF negotiation team
ㅇ Visiting team in the Americas region

1. East Coast of Canada <6 nights 9 days - Main Schedule>
2. Ivy League Tour (SAT Star Instructor accompaniment and lecture included)
3. Washington DC Day Sightseeing (incentive and business tour ties available)
4. New York Niagara 2 Nights 3-day tour (for incentive tours and business association)
5. Eastern Caribbean cruise (tickets will be released in conjunction with the product)
6. US 7 Smoky Mountain National Park Tour (Atlanta airport immigration tours available)
7. Korea medical tourism

* You can search ‘Top Travel Agency’ on the website (www.youtube.com) or enjoy various product videos at WWW.TOPTRAVELUSA.COM and WWW.TOPUSATOUR.COM.

– Domestic and foreign hotel reservation service
– Price competition and facility differentiation contract by direct contract with the best hotels in the East of Korea Hotel: MARRIOT, SHERATON, WESTIN, CROWN PLAZA, RAMADA, DON VALLEY GOUVERNEUR, TURF VALLEY, Direct contract with

hotels – Alliance with the best hotel hall sailors in the Americas and the best hotel in Korea with PASS and HOTEL.COM 

– Price competitiveness and facility differentiation due to direct contract with the best Korean restaurants in the US
New York Area

New York City General Manhattan: 10 places in Gangseo Hall

, New Jersey: Bukchang-Dong Soonbu and more than 10 places

Philadelphia area: Seorabeol Hall et 8 places

in Washington, DC Nearby: Han Seongok other than 10 locations

in Boston area : Koreana than 10 others where


Niagara nearby waterfall sushi restaurant and many more

Toronto: Pavilion and many more

Ottawa: House of Seoul and many others

Montréal: Seoul BBQ and many others

and many others kongnam restaurant: Quebec

* We will provide the best dinner in cooperation with the best Korean restaurants in the Americas.
7 passenger van (2 units)

COVERAGE: $ 1,500,000

Capital Bus 8 large buses

COVERAGE: $ 10,000,000

Luxury Lincoln Town Car

COVERAGE: $ 1,500,000

15 passenger Benz Mini Bus

COVERAGE: $ 1,500,000