Terms of Use

Article 1 [Purpose)

These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the terms and conditions of the Cyber ​​Mall and the users’ rights, responsibilities and responsibilities when using Internet related services (hereinafter referred to as “Services”) provided by TopTraelUSA.com .

※ We will comply with these Terms and Conditions for electronic transactions using PC communications, mobile radio, etc., as long as they do not violate its nature.

Article 2 (Definitions)

① “Company” refers to a hypothetical business place set up by a top travel agent that is capable of trading goods or services using information and communication facilities such as computers to provide goods or services (hereinafter referred to as “goods, etc.”) to users. It is also used as a means of operating a cyber mall.
② “User” means a member or non-member who accesses the “Company” homepage and receives services provided by “Company” in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.
③ “Member” means a person who has provided personal information to the Company and registered as a member, who is continuously provided with the information of “Company” and who can continue to use the services provided by “Company”.
④ “Non-member” means a person who does not join a member but uses services provided by “us”.

Article 3 (Specification and Amendment of Terms)

① “Company” shall not be liable for the contents of this Agreement and the name of its representative, name of representative, location of the office, address (including the address where the consumer can handle the complaint), telephone number, fax number, e-mail address, Sales business report number, and personal information manager, etc., on the initial service screen (front side) of “our company” homepage. However, the contents of the agreement can be made available to the user through the connection screen.
② “We” shall provide a separate connection screen or pop-up screen to allow the user to understand important contents such as withdrawal of application, withdrawal responsibility, refund conditions, etc. of the contents defined in the Terms before the user agrees to the terms, You must ask for confirmation.
③ “Company” does not violate related laws such as the Consumer Protection Act in Electronic Commerce, Law on Regulation of Terms, Electronic Commerce Basic Act, Digital Signature Act, Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Use, You may amend these Terms to any extent
④ When “Company” amends the Terms and Conditions, the applicable date and reason for revision shall be specified and the notice shall be posted on the initial screen of the “Company” homepage from the 7th day before the effective date to the day before the effective date. However, if you change the terms and conditions against the user, we will notify you at least 30 days before the grace period. In this case, “Company” clearly compares the content before and after revision, and makes it clear for the user to understand.
⑤ If “our company” revises the terms, the revised terms will apply only to the contracts that are concluded after the effective date. However, if the user who has already concluded the contract wants to receive the provision of the revised terms, the revised terms and conditions shall be applied when he /
⑥ Regarding matters not defined in these Terms and the interpretation of these Terms and Conditions, the laws concerning consumer protection in e-commerce, the regulations on the regulation of the terms, the consumer protection guidelines in the electronic commerce established by the government, Follow.

Article 4 (Provision and Change of Service)

① “We” performs the following duties.

1. Provide information on goods or services and conclude contracts

2. Delivery of contracted goods or services

3. Other services defined by “our company”

② “Company” may change the contents of goods or services to be provided by agreement to be concluded in future in case of selling out of goods or services or changing technical specifications. In this case, specify the contents and date of the changed goods or services, and immediately notify the place where the current goods or services are posted.

⑤ When the contents of the service contracted with the user provided by “Company” are changed due to the sale of goods or the change of the technical specification, we immediately notify the user of the reason for the change.

⑥ In case of the preceding paragraph, “our company” compensates for the actual damage proven by the user’s causality. However, this is not the case when “we” proves that there is no intention or negligence.

Article 5 (Suspension of Service)

① The Company may temporarily suspend the provision of services in the event of maintenance, inspection, replacement or breakdown of information and communication facilities such as computers, or loss of communication.

② “Company” shall compensate for damages incurred by the User or a third party due to temporary interruption in the provision of the Service for the reason stated in Paragraph ①. However, this shall not apply if there is no intention or negligence in the Company.

③ In the event that it becomes impossible to provide services due to conversion of business items, abandonment of business, integration between companies, “Company” notifies the user by the method set out in Article 8, I reward you.

Article 6 (Membership)

① The user submits membership information according to the registration form set by “Company” and then signs up to agree to these Terms and Conditions.

② “Company” shall register as a member of the users who apply to join as a member,

1. If the applicant has lost his / her previous qualification pursuant to Article 7 (3) of this Agreement, he / she shall be a person who has passed three years after the loss of membership under Article 7 (3) Is obtained.

2. If there is false information, missing information,

3. If it is judged that the registration of the other member is significantly impeded by the “technology of the Company”

③ The membership establishment period is when the approval of “our company” reaches the member.

④ If there is any change in the registration details pursuant to Paragraph 1 of Article 16, the member shall notify the Company of the change immediately by e-mail or other means.

Article 7 (withdrawal of membership and loss of qualification)

① Members may request withdrawal from “Company” at any time, and “Company” immediately handles withdrawal from membership.

② If a member falls under any of the following grounds, “Company” may limit and suspend membership.

1. If you registered false information at the time of application

2. If you do not pay on the due date for the goods you purchase using “our company” or other liabilities you bear in connection with your use of “us”

3. Threatening the order of e-commerce such as interfering with the use of “us” by others or stealing the information

4. When we use “our company” to prohibit the law or this agreement, or to act against the public good

5. Miscellaneous In case of “healthy operation of our company” or interfering with our business by the following acts

end. When we disclose or disseminate unfounded facts or false facts relating to the operation of “our company”, we lose the honor of “our company” and defeat the credibility of our company

I. In the course of the operation of the Company, if the employee is abused or uttered in a way that seriously affects the work environment

All. In the course of the operation of the Company, there is no reason for frequent contact, disturbance or intimidation,

If you are interfering with your business by requesting compensation (reserve, cash, commodity)

③ “We” may be disqualified if the same activity is repeated more than once after “Restriction of Membership” is suspended or if the reason is not corrected within 30 days.

④ If “our company” loses the membership, we will cancel membership registration. In this case, you will be notified of the membership and given at least 30 days prior to the termination of membership registration.
Article 8 (Notice to Members)

① If “our company” gives notice to a member, the member can make it to the e-mail address agreed to by “us” in advance.

② “Company” can substitute individual notice by posting on the “Company” bulletin board for more than one week in case of notice to many unspecified members. However, individual notices will be given to matters that have a material effect on the member’s transactions.

Article 9 (Application for Purchase)

“User” shall apply for the purchase on “Company” by the following or similar method, and “Company” shall make the following contents easy to understand when users apply for purchase. However, if you are a member, you can exclude the application of the second to fourth.

1. Search and select goods

2. Enter your name, address, phone number, e-mail address (or mobile phone number), etc.

3. Confirm the content of the terms and conditions, the services that are restricted by the withdrawal right, the shipping fee, and the installation cost.

4. You agree to these terms and signs (or click on the mouse)

5.Application for Purchase of Goods etc. and Confirmation of this or Consent for Confirmation of “Our Company”

6. Choose your payment method

Article 10 (Establishment of Contract)

① “Company” may not accept the following application for the same purchase as the Article 9. However, in the case of a contract with a minor, if the legal representative does not obtain consent, the minor or the legal representative must notify them that the contract can be canceled.

1. If there is false information, omissions,

2. If a minor purchases goods and services prohibited by the Juvenile Protection Act, such as tobacco and alcohol

3. If the approval of the other purchase application is judged to be significantly impeded by “our” technology

4. If the credit card payment is estimated or confirmed as unlawful act that does not obtain the consent of the owner

5. If the customer who purchased the application is found to be a restricted customer in accordance with Article 7

② The consent of the Company shall be deemed to have been established at the time when the consent of the Company reaches the User in the form of the acknowledgment notice of Article 12, Paragraph 1.

③ The declaration of acceptance of “our company” should include information on whether the user can confirm the purchase, whether it is available for sale, or cancellation of the purchase order.

Article 11 (Payment Method)

The payment method for the goods or services purchased by “Company” can be made by any of the following methods. However, “Company” can not collect any additional commission on the payment of goods, etc. for the payment method of the user.

1. Prepaid cards, debit cards, credit cards

2. Payment after visiting our company

Article 12 (Notice of Receipt of Confirmation • Change of Purchase Order and Cancellation)

① “We” will notify the user of the receipt confirmation if the user has applied for a purchase.

(2) The user who receives the acknowledgment notice may request the change or cancellation of the purchase application immediately after receiving the confirmation of receipt if there is any inconsistency of the intention to do so, and “We” . However, if the payment has already been made, it shall be subject to the provisions regarding withdrawal of the application under Article 15.

Article 13 (Supply of Goods, etc.)

① We will take other necessary measures such as order making, packaging, etc. so that we can ship goods within 7 days from the date of the subscription, unless there is no separate contract with the user and the supply period of goods . However, if “Company” has already received all or part of the payment of goods, etc., it shall take action within two business days from receiving the whole or part of the payment. At this time, “our company” takes appropriate measures so that the user can confirm the supply procedure and progress of the goods. Intangible goods, such as travel goods, are subject to a separate set of terms and conditions that apply to the product and a series of actions to ensure that the service is performed without disruption.

② “Company” will specify the shipping method, shipping cost for each method, shipping time for each method, etc. for the goods purchased by the user. If “Company” exceeds the contracted delivery time, you must compensate for the damage caused by the user. However, this is not the case if “we” proves that there is no intention or negligence. Intangible goods such as travel goods should be provided with a separate travel contract for the reserved items so that the user can know about the purchase and use of the goods.

Article 14 (Refund)

“Company” shall notify the user of the reason without delay if it is unable to deliver or deliver the goods for which the user has purchased the goods for reasons such as out of stock, etc., and if the goods have been paid in advance, We will issue you a refund within the next business day or take the necessary action for your refund. However, in the case of travel goods, if the user terminates the contract after all reservations have been completed before the departure date, the user shall deduct the amount of damages in accordance with the domestic (other) travel standard provisions and domestic (other) The refund of the cancellation and refund of the commodity in accordance with the provisions of the special contract, etc. contracted when concluding the contract for the use of the commodity of the other commodity is refunded after deduction.

Article 15 (Withdrawal of subscription, etc.)

① A user who has entered into a contract for the purchase of goods with “Company” can withdraw the subscription within 7 days from the date of receipt of the acknowledgment of receipt. However, in the case of travel products, there may be a separate cancellation fee in accordance with the refund criteria according to the domestic (other) travel standard conditions.

② The user can not withdraw or exchange the subscription if the following items are received.

1. If the goods are lost or damaged due to the responsibility of the user

(However, in case of damaging the packaging etc. in order to check the contents of the goods, etc., you can withdraw the application unless you give notice about the withdrawal limitation beforehand.)

2. If the value of the goods, etc. has decreased significantly due to the use of the user or consumption of the part

3. If the value of goods etc. has decreased significantly enough to make it difficult to resell by the passage of time

4. If it is possible to replicate the goods with the same performance, etc. If the original packaging of the goods is damaged

③ In the case of Paragraph 2, Items 2 to 4, if “Company” does not specify in advance the fact that the withdrawal of the subscription is restricted, There are no restrictions on withdrawal.

④ If the user does not agree with the provisions of paragraphs 1 and 2 and the contents of the goods are different from the contents of the advertisement or the contents of the contract, the user shall notify them within 3 months from the date of receiving the goods, You can withdraw your subscription within 30 days from the date you were informed.
Article 16 (Effect of withdrawal of subscription, etc.)

① We will refund the goods already paid within 3 business days if we receive the goods from the user. In this case, if the Company delays the refund of the goods or the like to the user, the delayed interest calculated by multiplying the delayed interest rate determined and announced by the Fair Trade Commission for the delay period shall be paid.

② In the case of refund of the above payment, “Company” shall, when the user pays for the goods as payment means such as credit card or electronic money, suspend payment of the goods such as goods to the provider who provided the payment means without delay Or to cancel.

③ In the case of withdrawal of subscription, the user will bear the cost of returning the goods received.

③ When the user receives the goods, etc. When the dispatch fee is borne by us, “we” clearly indicates to the user who will bear the cost of withdrawing the subscription.

Article 17 (Protection of Personal Information)

The matters concerning the protection of personal information are subject to the provisions of our Privacy Policy posted on the mall.

Article 18 (Obligations of the Company)

① “We” shall not engage in any act prohibited by laws and regulations, or in contravention of public order or morals, and shall endeavor to provide goods and services continuously and reliably as stipulated in these Terms and Conditions.

② “We” must have a security system to protect user’s personal information (including credit information) so that users can use Internet service safely.

③ The Company shall be liable to compensate the user for any damage caused by the unlawful display and advertisement of Article 3 of the Act on Fairness of Display and Advertisement of the Goods or Services.

Article 19 (Obligations to Members’ ID and Password)

① The member is responsible for the management of ID and password except for Article 17.

② Members shall not allow their ID and password to be used by a third party.

④ If a member recognizes that his / her ID and password are stolen or used by a third party, he / she shall notify “Company” immediately and if there is a “Company” guide, he / she shall follow it.

Article 20 (Obligations of User)

The user should not conduct the following.

1. Registration of false information when applying or changing

2. Information stealing of others

3. Changes to information posted on “us”

4. Sending or posting information (such as computer programs) other than the information specified by “us”

5. Infringement of intellectual property rights, including copyrights of “us” and other third parties

6. Acts that damage or impair the honor of “us” or any other third party;

7. Obscene or violent messages • Burns • Voices • Miscellaneous Disclosure or posting to the mall information that is contrary to public order

Article 21 (Relationship between the Company and the Company)

① If the parent “Company” and the subordinate “Company” are connected by a hyperlink (eg, the object of hyperlink includes characters, pictures and moving images), the former is called “our company” The connection is called “our company” (website).

② Connection “Company” refers to the initial screen of the Company or the pop-up screen at the time of connection when it means that the Company does not bear the guarantee responsibility for the transactions performed with the user by the goods provided independently by the Company. Does not assume any warranty liability for the transaction.

Article 22 (Restrictions on Use and Restriction of Copyright)

① The copyrights and other intellectual property rights of the works created by “our company” belong to “our company”.

② User shall use the information obtained by using “Company” for commercial purposes by copying, transmitting, publishing, distributing, broadcasting, and other methods without prior consent of “Company” It should not be used for three people.

③ “Company” shall notify the user in case of using the copyright belonging to the user in accordance with the agreement.

④ In using the various services provided by “Company”, the user may use “free of charge” by us for various copyrighted works posted or registered in “our company”, even if the user leaves the member. Provided, however, that this shall not apply to the case where the user has given notice to the Company to cancel the permission of the above license.

Article 23 (Member’s post and copyright)

① Post refers to articles, photos, various files and links posted by the member while using the service.

③ In case of loss or other problems arising from member’s postings, the member shall be held responsible for this and “we” shall not be held responsible.

③ “Company” may take any related measures such as posting, interrupting, modifying, deleting, moving, or refusing to register, without any prior consent of the member,

– In the case of materially offensive or defamatory content to other members or third parties

– disseminate or link content that violates public order and morals

– If promoting piracy or hacking

– I received a request to cancel the takedown due to a copyright infringement by a third party.

– For commercial purposes

– If it is objectively recognized as being connected with a crime

– In case of infringement of copyright or other rights of another user or third party

– If the contents of private political judgment or religious opinion judge that the company does not conform to the nature of the service

– If it violates the corporate posting principles, or does not match the nature of the bulletin board.

– When it is judged to be in violation of other related laws

④ The copyright of the post posted by the member belongs to the posted member. However, “our company” may use the post of the member in conformity with the fair practice stipulated in the copyright law free of charge without the permission of the member for the purpose of operation, exhibition, transmission, distribution and promotion of the service.

④ “We” must obtain the member’s consent in advance through telephone, fax, e-mail, etc. if we want to use the member’s posts in a way other than the above.

⑥ When a member cancels a contract of use, the post which is reposted or duplicated by others, or combined with others’ posts and posts registered on the public bulletin board are not deleted.

Article 24 (Settlement of Disputes)

① We will install and operate a damage compensation mechanism to reflect the fair opinions and complaints posed by the users and to compensate the damage.

② “We” will deal with complaints and opinions submitted by users first. However, if prompt processing is difficult, we will promptly notify the user of the reason and the processing schedule.

③ When there is an application for damages relief from the user regarding the e-commerce dispute between “us” and the user, it may be subject to the adjustment of the dispute arbitration institution commissioned by the Fair Trade Commission or the city or provincial governor.

Article 25 (Jurisdiction and Governing Law)

① The lawsuits related to the dispute of electronic commerce between “us” and users shall be the exclusive jurisdiction of the court in which “we” is located.

② The laws of Korea apply to electronic commerce lawsuits filed between us and users.

Article 26 (Special Rules)

① Items not specified in these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the Electronic Commerce Basic Act, the Electronic Signature Act, the Consumer Protection Act in Electronic Transactions, other relevant laws and regulations, and the domestic (other) travel standard.