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Catholic Korean pilgrimage 10 days 11 days

It is a pilgrimage program to find the roots and footsteps of Korean Catholicism
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Small Asia (Turkey) & Greek pilgrimage 10 nights 11 days

In order to lay the foundations of Christian generalization, the Apostle Paul’s three-dimensional super-human evangelistic journey has been a tremendous triumph and suffering, and the once-prosperous sites of early Christian churches in Asia Minor (now Turkey) And a journey to step through the remains and relics of early Christians who have preserved the Christian faith. […]
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Egypt & Israel Pilgrimage 10 nights 11 days

The most typical Egyptian 10-day schedule of the pilgrimage is the exodus journey of Moses who led the Israelites from Egypt and escaped the oppression of Pharaoh and the meaningful trip to Israel to step on the traces of Jesus’ noble life in Israel.

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