Stigma “JONAH” & Amish Market Day

June 23, 2024

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1 day
Max People : 50
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The Sight & Sound Millennium Theatre is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, the largest Christian live theatre in the United States, and one of the most popular live theatres in the Eastern US. Wikipedia

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Departure & Return Location

Washington DC

Departure Time

◎ 7:30 AM Top Travel, Centreville office 
◎ 8:00 AM Top Travel, Annandale Ofiice
◎ 9:30 AM ETop Travel, llicott City Office   

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Day 1Washington - Pennsylvania

◎ 7:30 AM Center Bill Top Departure in front of the travel agency ◎ 8:00 AM Depart in front of travel agency Annandale ◎ 9:30 AM Eliot City Lotte Plaza Departure

Go to Lancaster, Pennsylvania

► Visit Amish Market and experience culture

Lancaster is also known as the Dutch County of Pennsylvania, where the Amish, a descendant of the Dutch in the 1800s, lived in a traditional lifestyle
that refused to benefit from modern technology and civilization .

After lunch

► 02:30 PM Sight & Sound Theaters arrive
► 03:00 PM [JONAH]

The Lancaster Sight-Sound Theater, PA
, is much larger than New York Broadway and has a
stage both on its left and right sides .
Brilliant stage device and whimsical production. The structure and
movement of the large ship that Jonathan rides , the wave form, the Jonah falling into the sea, the fish in the waters
, and the description of the moment when the whale eats Jonah are very exciting.

Departing to Washington

◎ Dispatched after arriving in Washington

★★★★ Thank you. Goodbye!! ★★★★
Of: prefecture



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