High-class nationwide one week (including Jeju) 9 nights 10 days

June 15, 2024

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9 nights 10 days
Jeju, Incheon, Gyeonggi, Gunsan, Sunchang
Max People : 55

A visit to our home country of high quality will be a tremendous journey to experiencing the country’s unique culture, abundant and delicious food, accompanied by specialists. Gyeongsangbuk-do, which has 1000 years history of Silla including the footsteps of Baekje in the South, Hyeolseido in the South Sea, Jeju Island in UNESCO, and Gangwon-do with Sokcho Mountain in Sokcho.

Tour Details

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Departure & Return Location

11:00 am Washington Dulles International Airport
– Korean Air (KE) Ticket Counter Set

Departure Time

3 Hours Before Flight Time

Price Includes

  • Air fares
  • 9 Nights Hotel Accomodation
  • Tour Guide
  • Entrance Fees
  • All transportation in destination location

Price Excludes

  • Guide Service Fee
  • Driver Service Fee
  • Any Private Expenses
  • Room Service Fees


  • Umbrella
  • Sunscreen
  • T-Shirt
  • Entrance Fees

Day 1Washington

◎ 11:00 am Washington Dulles International Airport
– Korean Air (KE) Ticket Counter Set
◎ 01:35 pm Departure from Washington Dulles International Airport

Day 2Incheon

 ◎ 05:10 pm                Guide meeting after arriving IncheonInternational Airport (arrival and customs declaration)

Stay at hotel after dinner

※ Leave your relatives in the room during the break and take only a brief baggage for 8 nights

 Seats: mushroom shabu-shabu
 Golden Seoul Hotel or equivalent

Day 3Gyeonggi - Gunsan

Hotel After breakfast

give Go to ► nakhwaam – Bleach 700 years Dynasty three thousand court ladies of Uija of Baekje to destroy their effort to secure the cutting threw the body like the petals of a rock ► Baekje Cultural Complex – the superiority of brilliant Baekje culture as the center of the ancient Eastern cultures Can be seen and moved to famous Gunsan as the location of KBS drama 「Gyungbag」 ► Saemangeum seawall – The history of the history of Korea changed its map, the world’s longest seawall completed in 19 years ▶ Modern History Museum – showing where the ► (100-year-old bakery) per reason and Wudang → → → meadow shop Hiro used (Japanese) house (the movie “the General’s son taken place) stay after dinner Hotel

 Joe: Hotel & Restaurant: Gyungbong & Seok: Park
 Best Western Gunsan Hotel or similar

Day 4Gunsan - Jeonju - Sunchang - Suncheon - Yeosu


Hotel After breakfast

broken, the taste  Jeonju Go to

►  Jeonju Hanok Village  – Jeonju Hanok pungnamdong and traditional houses in the village consisting of about 700 yeochae the Jiaodong one.
Great traditional culture
►  electric Cathedral  – since the 18th century, the Western Modern Architecture Building 1914 sungyoji was of the Catholic
position on pungnammun across
►  before the game  – place dedicated to the King Taejo yiseonggye eojin of the founding of the Joseon
► ohmokdae   – yiseonggye the sulfuric acid suppress the pirates and places that were open a banquet to celebrate the victory

Doi Go to

►  Gangcheonsan county 0 won  “Hunan sogeumgang” Four seasons beautiful scenery

of Suncheon Go to

►  Suncheon national Garden  – national gardens one favor. Beautiful scenery unfolds in a picturesque
area, where healing becomes a

priority . Go to Yeosu Hotel stay after dinner

 Joe: Hotel & Meal: Homeboy House & Seats: Meiji
 The MVL Hotel Yeosu or similar

Day 5Yeosu - Gwangyang - Hadong - Tongyeong - Geoje

Hotel After breakfast

►  Yeosu marine cable car (one way)  – Take the nation’s first cable car to pass over the sea connecting the island with the mainland
listening to Yeosu off the coast

via the Yi Bridge  Gwangyang Go to

►  Gwangyang (windshields tourism)  with a single steel mill – is the world’s largest, which has an annual crude steel capacity of 1,800 ten thousand tons

Hadong Go to

►  pine 0 won  Chosun Yeongjo pine forest composition was 21 years to prevent damage gangbaram and sand.
Best Healing Course by the Seomjin River After moving to Tongyoung ,

Oriental Naples  Tongyeong ▶ Dongpyong Mural Village – Pastel Tone’s charming mural village Go to Mecca Geoje Island of Korea’s shipbuilding industry ► Exodus Botanical Garden – [Botanical: Botanical + Utopia: Paradise ], And for 40 years by individuals


It is located in Hallyeo Sea National Park with a beautiful southern country paradise.
►  Haegeumgang  – Hotel stay after dinner at Mt. Kumgang on the sea, which is filled with mysterious scenery by typhoon and waves for tens of thousands of years.

 Joe: Hotel & Restaurant: Oysters & Seas: Seafood
 Daemyung Resort Geoje or similar

Day 6Geoje - Busan - Gyeongju - Pohang

Go to

Busan after breakfast ► Songdo Cloud Walkway – The longest maritime skywalk in Korea ►Jagalchi Market – A typical traditional market in Busan named after the gravel market at the time of bloom ▶ International Market – About 1,500 shops sell various items It              is famous for its food, including seafood, rice cake, and fish paste  . After the liberation in 1945 the refugees gathered composition [dottegi market] marketplaces ► PIFF street – famous actress, director of hand printing 10000000000000000 weeks Go to ► Cheomseongdae – When the king of Silla Seondeok a height of about 9.5m built the observatory ► donggung the Yuezhi (Anapji) – Built in 674 as the annex of the Shilla Royal Palace in the 14th year of King Munmu.                         Walking course with a beautiful night view ► Bulguksa Temple – Visited as a national treasure temple designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, visiting Shogatap Pagoda and Dabot Pagoda Go to Pohang Hotel stay after dinner

 Joe: Hotel & Restaurant: Jagalchi & Seok: Baek Jong-won’s original ssambap
 Best Western Pohang Hotel or similar

Day 7Pohang - Samcheok - Gangneung, - Sokcho

After breakfast, take the

train to Samcheok Station 

► Take  a train by sea  – Take the train to the coastline ( 12:30 am – Take the bus to Jungdongjin Station at 13:26 )
►  Jungdongjin  – Jungdongjin is the closest train station to the seaside. It is famous and           is famous
drama photography place with beautiful scenery such as Kohyeonjeon pine of the hourglass of the drama and Beethoven virus  . There Hourglass Park of 10,000 square with rounded hourglass
can appreciate even sculptures of various artists

Gangneung Go to

►  ohjukheon  – New Saimdang and where the Earl of Yulgok this seoryeo
►  Heo Nanseolheon birthplace  – the author of honggildongjeon Heo Gyun hit sister
A memorial exhibition featuring her birthday heroine Heon-seon Heon and heroine Heon -gyunhon, who learned the poetry and scholarship through her genius.
▶  Sorolmigil  – Hidden heroine in the back of her birthplace, Attractions
►  Gyeongpoho & Gyeongpo – a floating moon in the sky is clear as a mirror, one on the sea, a lake,
and the same moon rises, even cup is a romantic lake gyeongpoho and beautiful’ll pine forests and
endowed overlooking able gyeongpoho chief Gyeongpodae tour of the Kanto 80000000000000000

Sokcho to Hotel stay after transfer

 Joe: Hotel & Restaurant: Finnish & Sake: Ceremony
 Ramada Gangwon Sokcho Hotel or similar

Day 8Sokcho - Seoul

After the Breakfast

►  Mt. Seorak National Park  – Mt. Halla (1,950m) and Mt. Jiris (1,915m) are the third highest mountain in South Korea (1,708m)
. (Cable car not included) Go to Seoul after lunch Go free to Gangnam Shinsegae Department Store (1st stop) ★★ Option ★ ★ Enjoy a delicious trip on beautiful island Jeju! Go to Gimpo Airport after getting off at the 1st stop

 ◎ 08:25 pm flight to Jeju
◎ 09:35 pm Guiding Meeting after arriving in Jeju

Hotel stay after dinner

 Joe: Hotel style & middle: Sanchae ceremony & ceremony:
 Lotte Hotel Jeju or equivalent

Day 9Jeju

Breakfast at hotel and then

► Cheonjiyeon Falls – a waterfall named and called the pond made heaven and earth meet
► Seogwipo Pleasure boats – Beomseom, munseom, seopseom, saeseom, squarely falls, oedolgae rocks such as
cruise tour to enjoy Seogwipo chilsipri coastal scenery
► seokbujak theme Park – Bonsai Park where you can experience the fruit of my residents’ efforts and experience a tangerine after lunch ► Oligil 7 course – drama ‘Daejanggum’ filming location Sea Lane, walk from Olgre Rock to Dome Bagan Goal (about 1 hour) ► Ji-Sang Chae-ri-ga – A fantastic vertical joint with a sword-shaped polygonal pillar spreading out like a gentle layer of god-like layers ► Yeongji – myeon coast – A coast similar to a dragon head that goes into the sea. A sandstone layer Hotel stay after a superb view of the cliff


 Joe: Hotel & Meal: Tongarian grill & seafood: seafood hotpot
 Lotte Hotel Jeju or equivalent

Day 10Jeju - Seoul

After the Breakfast

► Sungsang Ilchulbong –
the best spot of Korea’s natural eco-tourism that has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and recognized as a World Heritage Site
▶ Civic Folk Village – The actual folk village of Jeju
resided for over 500 years After folk village lunch, go to airport

◎ 08:00 pm Jeju airport departure ◎ 09:10 pm Individual departure after arrival at Gimpo airport

★★★★ Thank you. Goodbye!! ★★★★